software for the management of coworking spaces

System to support the management of coworking spaces.
We facilitate and control the reserves of workspaces.

Through the platform, your customers can make their payments online at the moment, with effective communication between the platform and the accounting program of your company.

Xpacios has an online platform, configurable to adapt to each organization.

We offer you an app for your clients to enter with a username and password and perform the movements they require from their mobile phone.

We deliver the most complete reports, so you are aware of each movement of your company.

By means of the T-CAM terminals connected with different security devices, the entry and exit of users may be allowed or denied.


Xpacios is the bridge between the company that offers the coworking service and its customers, facilitating and controlling the reserves of the workspaces, the online payments or in the point, the plans or tikets that the clients acquire, the income to said places , the times of permanence and throwing the most complete reports of all the movements that are made within the organization.


The software controls access schedules and can also control the days of entry. The hardware consists mainly of an IL2 reader interface, a controller card that is installed by port and a barrier or turnstile.


This software can also be implemented to control revenue in restricted areas.


This platform facilitates and manages the reserves of the spaces and other services offered by coworking work centers.
For these new forms of work "Coworking" a solution like ours is necessary given that their clients can each have different types of lease contracts, for different periods of time, at different times of the month, or of the day, so that It is necessary to have an effective and safe control that does not allow money to escape.
Xpacios is not only a web platform adaptable to the needs of each company, but also a set of elements that make possible the order and control of reservations, as well as electronic security, so that those who enjoy the facilities feel safe and at ease.


Supported operating systems: Windows 2008, Windows XP, 2018 server
Database engine: SQL SERVER 2014
Available environments: Desktop
Programming language: Visual Basic .NET


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